Top 10 Restaurants In Oxfordshire And What To Expect

A vibrant restaurant

Behind the picturesque buildings and parks that are a common phenomenon in Oxfordshire, lies a vibrant restaurant scene. Nowadays, there is a variety of restaurants that you can choose to go to, from fine dining to family friendly options. While this was not a common feature some 20 years ago, Oxford managed to catch up. It’s almost rivalling other cities around UK when it comes to fine dining.

Overlooking restaurant

Rooftop Restaurant

This restaurant was among the recent additions that Ashmolean museum had during its refurbishment. This restaurant gives you amazing views of Oxford’s rooftops thanks to the glass wall that surrounds the entire restaurant. There is also a “grass lawn” which serves as a lounge complete with deck chairs. The menu features both local and international cuisines.

Oxford’s most popular restaurant

Quod Brasserie & Bar

The Quod is Oxford’s most popular restaurant. Locals, students, dons as well as professionals in the area usually frequent this place. Its location is one of the main reasons as to why it’s so common among the locals. It is halfway on High Street, a location that is easily accessible from all colleges in the area. Their menu has an assorted range of items from salad fish to pizzas. It’s great for family as well.

Vaults & Garden

Vaults & Garden

It’s located at the University Church of St Mary’s. The menu here is full of vegetarian options making it one of the healthiest places to eat in Oxford. You can take a quick meal here whenever you are visiting the university church of St Mary’s. There are also churchyard seats where you can view the picturesque sites as you enjoy your meal.

Gee’s Restaurant & Bar

Gee’s Restaurant & Bar

The current location where the restaurant is located on served as a nursery for vegetables, fruits and flowers which were being farmed by the Gee family. It was later on converted into a restaurant 25 years ago. It’s one of the city’s best known restaurants and a landmark in North Oxford.

Cherwell Boathouse

Cherwell Boathouse

This is a boat house and a restaurant at the same time. There are a lot of options when it comes to eating here. You can enjoy a picnic while on a punt or choose to eat next to the deck. During the cold periods you can eat inside the warm boat house itself.

Turl Street Kitchen

Turl Street Kitchen

This is another popular restaurant among the city’s professionals and students. It serves as a restaurant during the day and a bar during the evening. Its menu is made up of fresh, organic vegetables that are locally sourced.

Oli’s Thai restaurant

Oli’s Thai

If you want something different, then you can go over at Oli’s Thai restaurant. The restaurant deals in Thai dishes exclusively. Everything has been designed in a manner that makes customers feel as if they were in Thai.

Kazbar restaurant


This restaurant is located on Cowley road right next to where David Cameron once lived. It has some of the best dishes when it comes to local and international cuisines. The service is quite friendly and you will definitely enjoy your time here.

Old Parsonage

Old Parsonage

This is a high class restaurant located at the Old Parsonage hotel. It’s good to note that it’s a sister restaurant to the Quod, so you should expect even better food here.

Nice serene location restaurant


This restaurant has received a number of good reviews based on its serene location, good quality service and relaxed atmosphere. It’s a great restaurant for the family.

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