Less Known Places That Will Make A Good Vacation Spot

Good vacation spot

Oxfordshire is home to a number of attractions most of which draw large crowds during specific periods of the year. Most of these attractions are well known and are properly documented in a number of tour guides. However, the county also has some of its gems tucked away from the glare of many visitors.

These attractions are well known by the locals and they are loved because of their serene ambience and picturesque nature. They are definitely not some great architectural building or humongous museum, but they do provide a nice place for a vacation spot. Here are some of them.

This Oxford, I have no doubt is the finest City in the world.” Source: Source: John Keats

Henley On Thames

Henley On Thames

This town is located on the south east part of the county. It has a serene ambience and gives you magnificent views of river Thames. You can be able to bask right next to the river or go for a walk in the meadows located here. The Chiltern hillsides are also quite close and you can get there by climbing upwards from the river.

During July, the place is usually crowded with swarms of spectators who want to catch a glimpse of the rowing events held here. These events are usually graced by Olympians as well as amateur crews trying out their hand at rowing.

Abingdon county


Abingdon is located a few miles away from Oxford city. It also has some excellent architecture synonymous with the ones in Oxford. The Abingdon county hall was built in 1670 and has some very imposing arcades. The Abingdon Bridge is another historical marvel here. Despite a few repairs along the way, the bridge has spanned River Thames since 1416.

You can also get views of the Abingdon Abbey. Even though the church is not there anymore, you can be able to view the historic buildings and the awe-inspiring timbered hall. It’s also a great town for a vacation spot, far from the bustle of the city.

Woodstock is the most picturesque country
house in the whole of Britain


This town is home to Blenheim Palace which is a UNESCO listed site. Many critics have argued that it’s perhaps the most picturesque country house in the whole of Britain. This town also has its own history spanning centuries. It is the place where King Edward the third’s eldest son was born. It is also the same town where Queen Elizabeth 1 imprisoned Queen Mary.

Oxfordshire museum is also located here and it is home to the county’s historical pieces. The regal nature of the townhouses around here will make you feel like royalty and it is an excellent place for a vacation.

Chipping Norton

Chipping Norton

This town is widely known around UK because of the number of high profile individuals who hail from here. However, it’s also a charming place with a number of attractions. It is the highest town in Oxfordshire because of its location in the Cotswolds.

The town also has a serene ambience and though it doesn’t have as many attractions as other towns across Oxfordshire, it is still a great option for people who just want some form of relaxation.

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