Oxfordshire: Home To The Best Craft Beer In The UK

A local craft beer scene

Oxfordshire is not just home to great architecture and colleges; it has a local craft beer scene which is slowly being recognised both in the UK and worldwide. Even Bill Clinton is rumoured to have once taken a beer in one of the clubs around Oxford during one of his presidential visits to the UK.

Recently, one of Oxford’s pubs won the award of the best pub in Britain. It was unanimously praised for its great tasting beer, picturesque site and friendly staff. Here are some of the top craft beer pubs in Oxfordshire.

I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis. The great point is to bring them the real facts, and beer. Abraham Lincoln

The Jam Factory

The Jam Factory

This pub is a fusion of a bar, restaurant and art gallery. It is home to some of the best locally brewed beers. It features two beer pumps, 12 keg lines and a sizeable collection of beer bottles from famous names such as Orval, Einstok and Goose Island.

Don’t expect to be surprised by their assortment of beers, but be sure that you will be enjoying high quality brews. A pint here starts from £4.

The Kite

The Kite

This pub is located in a residential street near the railway station. It is owned by the pub chain Greene Chain and is home to a number of beers both locally brewed and already bottled. The pub features 4 cask pumps and a keg line. You should also expect to find beers from top notch brewers like Long Crendon brewery.

The staff is quite friendly and hard to forget. Pints here start from as low as £3.85.

Located in Jericho suburbs,
a short walk away from the Oxford City centre

Jericho Tavern

This pub is located in Jericho suburbs, a short walk away from the Oxford City centre. It has a modern feel to it and a large beer range to choose from. Most of the beers here are US imports such as Torpedo from Sierra Nevada and Easy Jack IPA. There are also a number of beers from UK breweries as well. The pub features six keg lines and three cask pumps.

If you’re looking for a pub with an assorted range of beers, then Jericho tavern is a great place to start at. The pints here start from £3.60.

Fast stopover in the Oxford city

St Aldates Tavern

If you are looking for a fast stopover while in the Oxford city centre, then St Aldates tavern is a great place to visit. It features six pumps and kegs as well. Most of the beers are locally brewed. It also has a few bottle choices from Great Heck and Brewdog (common among the locals).

It has a serene atmosphere and a faux-Victorian look. Pints here start from as low as £3.80.

A great choice

City Arms

If you are looking for a modern pub experience, then City Arms is a great choice. It has bright lights, TVs, exquisite fabrics as well as fruit machines. Its design is just the tip of the iceberg; it also features a great beer collection as well as five keg lines.

The pub’s bottled menu includes Harviestoun’s Old Engine Oil, a favourite among the locals, as well as Punk IPA and Sierra Nevada. Pints here start from as low as £3.40.

Wide array of beer choices

The Library

This dimly lit pub is home to a wide array of beer choices. It features five keg lines and one beer pump. Its bottle menu has a large selection of beers (around 20) from craft brewers such as Fourpure.

The pub also has a beer garden at the rear with a wood-burning oven which usually produces high quality pizzas on Tuesdays.

The conclusion


These are just some of the best craft beer pubs in Oxfordshire (there are a lot and are widely spread out in Oxford). Each location has its own distinct tastes and atmosphere. They also offer the best relaxation spots after a long day of checking out the attractions at Oxford.

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