Oxfordshire Pitt Rivers

The Pitt Rivers Museum is home to more than 20,000 cultural pieces and art from around the world.
It was created in honour of Henry Lane Fox Pitt Rivers, a lieutenant general cum anthropologist who collected
unique cultural pieces from different postings in the British Empire
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Oxford City Centre

Oxford city centre is not as large as some other centres around Britain, however there’s plenty that you can do
here. The best starting point when touring the city is from the Carfax intersection where the city’s four streets meet.
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Oxford Castle

This castle has been in existence for over 1,000 years making it one of the oldest buildings in UK. It served as
a prison during the entire period until its closure in 1996. At the moment, parts of the quarters
have been transformed into a hotel (Malmaison Hotel) while
the other half is a museum.
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Dignity In Care Awards

City with age old traditions

Charity Shines

Oxford is not just a picturesque city with age old traditions; it is also home to some of the best charitable organizations. Apart from the architecture and art galleries in Oxfordshire, its populace are a real marvel. Oxford city is home to people who are very free when it comes to interacting with each other. Given that it’s a place where there exists royal families as well, you won’t be able to tell the difference. This is because of the sociable nature of everyone.

Dignity in Care Awards

Age UK Oxfordshire

This is one of the organisations that has been integral in promoting charity from the community level. They came up with an award known as the Dignity in Care Awards that seeks to find people who have gone an extra mile in order to help other people in the community. This award seeks to award people who are always keen in helping others.

The process for it is fairly simple. They ask the general public in Oxfordshire to nominate people who they think are worthy of the awards. The nominations are reviewed by the judges on a panel and seven awards are given out to the winners of those categories.

Josie’s awards Organization

Josie’s Awards

One of the most recent awards that was created by the organisation is the Josie’s awards. It was named after the wife of a current judge on the panel. Josie is said to have been a carer and would stop at nothing until she ensured that proper support was given to persons who needed it. Her husband said that it was not easy to get her on the phone. This is because of the number of people who frequently called her every day in order to get assistance from her. Sadly, she passed on at the age of 74 in 2014.

The Josie’s award was intended to be awarded to people like her. The winners of the award were people who encompassed the three C’s; care, compassion and campaigning for social equality. Statistically, there are over 62,000 people in Oxfordshire who take care of a family member, neighbour or even friend. From Britain’s figures, it’s said that carers are able to provide £132bn worth of care (a service that is not billed).

The award does not necessarily look out for individuals; it also appreciates organizations that have gone a step further in providing care. Some organizations provide care services that are undervalued given the amount of time and value of care that they provide. These are the organizations that the award intends to find.

A New Dawn In Oxfordshire

A New Dawn In Oxfordshire

While the number of carers is already quite high, it’s expected that more people will start to appreciate the charitable roles that they play in other people’s lives. Not many people usually know whenever they are carrying out acts of charity and that is the main reason as to why it’s important for people to appreciate those unrecognized efforts. For example; carers never know that they are carers until after two to four years. That is when the realization of their deeds hits them.

If there is something that is going to change Oxfordshire and have many people rally behind charity, then that will be the Dignity in Care Awards.

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